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Concert Capsule brings you the sensation of environmental listening, a new paradigm in acoustic immersion. Explore new frontiers with TĀG, the world’s first Concert Capsule, and experience your own private concert on-the-go. Surround your senses with the fullness of sound.

I love riding my little Suzuki machine. And I love listening to music on the road – in my car. But motorcycle and music – these two worlds have been separate before TĀG. Now with Headwave’s TĀG the two worlds have merged, and have in fact become inseparable for me. I enjoy listening to music while enjoying my ride. The cityscape has turned into a humming breeze I’ve never experienced before.
Makoto Takeda
I’ve been searching for a decent way to enjoy music while on my motorcycle for over 3 years – my prayers have been answered! TĀG has a really nice look with strong bass and great acoustics. The installation was incredibly easy – it took less than 2 minutes from start to finish. I would strongly recommend to any other bikers.
Erik Kosobud
The best thing since sliced bread! I read about the Headwave TĀG in a business magazine in Germany on a flight from Hamburg to Munich. Order placed, and three days later I stuck the gadget to my jet helmet, and boy, was I surprised! Easy peasy installation, best to find position for the Headwave with your helmet on, finding the sweet spot! I shall take it with me on all my travels and biking adventures, (Nepal, India etc.) Even the missus got off on it…
Andreas Liese

How it all happens

Harnessing the vibrational energy from an Exciter, TĀG transmits audio waves through your helmet to produce a sound experience unlike conventional acoustics. TĀG can stream music from any of your Bluetooth®-enabled device and requires no additional software, hardware or applications.

Embark on an adventure

With other options burdening you with entanglements or inferior audio quality, Headwave empowers you to enjoy your music while wearing a helmet, maintaining a high level of sound experience without compromising safety. Play your own soundtrack for all of life‘s adventures. Experience music as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Headwave® TĀG – Designed and Sculptured for the Adventurous

Play your own soundtrack for all of life‘s adventures.

Experience music as it was meant to be enjoyed.

  • High-Tech Material
    TĀG is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane for toughness.
  • Dust and Waterproof
    TĀG is IP67.
    You can take it into the shower!
  • UV resistant
    Functional additives enable it to stand up to the sun.
  • Self adapting curvature
    The curvature is purposefully contoured for any motorcycle helmet topography.
  • Shock proof
    TĀG can absorb any conceivable shocks during your adventure.
  • Simplicity
    TĀG’s functional superiority is managed by just one button.

Technology Synthesis

Integrating the Physical and Biological World.
Synthesizing a vast array of technical features with a streamlined aesthetic, TĀG transports you to the next level of acoustics immersion.

Sensory Impact

Delivering reinforced bass and a myriad of features that are unavailable elsewhere, TĀG delivers a sound experience fitting for the open road.

No Cables
Complete Freedom

Unrestricted movement to enhance the latitude of your experience. Never have to worry about plugging and unplugging cables from your phone.

For the Intrepid and Daring
-Adventure Acoustics-

Headwave forges acoustics systems by shattering the boundaries of conventional sound mechanics. Headwave creates uniquely symphonious audio quality without any compromises wherever your adventures lead.

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